Artist and Inspiration Behind MSN Artwork by Addison Medcalf and Jazzy Reagan

Hey MSN! We have interviewed Mrs. Stremming, Mrs. Spillman, Dr. Harpe, and Elizabeth Vaught about the murals on the walls around the school! There was a lot of thought and planning that went into these murals and we wanted to know more about the artist who made them.

The artist is Elizabeth Vaught and she has always loved artwork since she was a kid. Elizabeth has a business called “Artwork By Elizabeth”. Everyone involved in the process thought that the walls needed some color, and so they brought that thought to life.

They hoped that it makes people feel good and want to come to school. They all wanted to put something on the wall that we all have in common! Like our North PRIDE! They also wanted them to be interactive. For example the Pride mural, you can be the “I” in PRIDE! This connects to our school because it’s what we try to do everyday. They are great for group pictures and selfies as well!

Before you enter the locker rooms, there are basketballs, volleyballs, and rainbow stripes on the wall. Also before you walk into the bathroom, sometimes there are murals on the wall.

They don’t just think of an idea and throw paint on the wall! They have a sketch, which is on a small canvas. They paint on the canvas, then once they find the design they like best they paint it on the wall. They put in serious thought to every mural they paint.

They currently have 2 projects that they want to accomplish. I hope you enjoyed our story over Elizabeth Vaught and the murals!