Joining 6th grade at Middle School North by Karabella Benosky

At first it was hard to start 6th grade. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to grab all books and that I’d always be late and that my teachers were going to be extremely strict. But then when I got here I realized it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I knew a lot of people on my team already and had already made new friends. And all my teachers helped and I didn’t have any trouble opening my locker. I also was on time to majority of my classes.


After the first week I was really good at managing my time and schedule. I had all my combinations down on my gym and school locker. I already had made some friends and reunited with old friends from years before. All my teachers are really nice and they’re classes are really fun.

I think that my favorite thing about MSN is that they have so many things to do like dances and minute to win it and candy cart. I love pride tickets they are so fun to get and make you feel really accomplished, I have had three pride tickets so far this year. I also like that they give more freedom. Everybody is also really understanding here, I heard a lot of teachers say when someone messed up the first week or so that they know it’s a hard transition and then tried to help.

I think that the transition from elementary to middle school was a very comfortable transition and I really enjoy MSN and think there is no need for any new student to worry.