Meet our new Principal, Dr. Harpe by Shaina Stewart

When we came back to school from summer break, most students were surprised to see that there was a new principal, Dr. Harpe. He had been many students’ former principal at Sugar Grove in elementary school. I asked him several questions that seemed interesting to me.

I asked him why he chose to come to MSN to be a principal. When asked, he said that his boss told him good things about MSN and that there was music, band, and orchestra, which he had never had a chance to experience. He also said that we have great sports teams, and overall, MSN is just an exciting place.

I also asked him if it was a hard decision to leave Sugar Grove to MSN. He said that it was, because he really love Sugar Grove and all 3 of his kids were attending Sugar Grove this year, but he sat down with his kids and asked them if he should stay at Sugar Grove or go to MSN, and they said that they wanted him to go to MSN.

I asked if he would go back to Sugar Grove if he had the chance. He said that he is really happy at North, and he hopes to be here for a while.

I asked him what his first impression on MSN was. His answer was that North is a great team, and the staff works hard for the students, and the students work hard and enjoy school.

I also asked if he believes that MSN shows good behavior. He said yes, because half of the number of students that visited the office last year went to the office this year for consequences.

I asked him what his goals for MSN are. He said that he wants all students to continue building leadership skills, so the community will continue to recognize North students as students that are a cut above. He would also like to increase state test scores. There is a lot of cool things that we should let the community know about. For example, there is a girl that does roller derby, someone that was in the Junior Olympics, and a girl that is training for the Olympics in diving.

I asked him what he sees as the biggest difference between a middle school student and an elementary age student. He replied that we can go deeper in learning in middle school and talk about more things. Also, middle school students understand more jokes and are more independent. Middle school students are also learning etiquette.


Next, I decided to ask a 6th grade teacher, Ms. Heavin, what her first impression of Dr. Harpe was.

I asked her what her first impression on Dr. Harpe was when he became the principal at MSN. She answered that he is very dedicated to the students, and not just Sugar Grove students, all students. He wants every student to have an opportunity to do their best. He also has a great sense of humor and is a very strong leader for North.

Overall, I believe that Dr. Harpe is a great role model for MSN, as well as a good choice as the principal. The teachers and students also agree that he has a great personality. In my opinion, I believe that he puts a lot of effort into making the school better, and he does a good job that.