Veterans Day at Middle School North by Munachi Johnson

   On Friday, November 9th, the well regarded Veterans day program will be taking place with last year having over a hundred veterans coming to CGMSN. In this program, there will be a plethora of students working on the program such as every 8th grade music group, the Student Council President, the two speeches which will be provided by the two “What Freedom Means to Me?” Winners, and plenty of NJHS and Staff working behind the scenes.


   The program will bring every student at CGMSN to the auditorium with everyone wearing their best clothes and having respectful attitudes. Many veterans are expected to come to this annual event with most being from wars from the cold war up to today. The event will give each and every veteran an introduction with their Armed Forces division, and the “Armed Forces” anthem will played by the percussionists and the choir to recognize each division( Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) with pride while the Orchestra plays a triumphant song in the background

   The National Anthem will play as everyone pays respect for the people who lost their lives fighting for the nation. The President of Student Council and the President of NJHS will both speak about the importance of honoring our veterans. The 6th grade winners of “What Freedom Means to Me” essay challenge which every Sixth Grader has done. The last part of the opening ceremony will be the reenactment which involves mean suited in 18th century attire coming up for a special event.

 Like almost every year, we will have a guest which will be talking about his/her or someone close to them’s experience in the military. Last year, Kevin Rankel spoke about his son, Marine  Sgt. John Rankel, who attended Center Grove schools from 8th grade through his sophomore year in high school. Rankel was 23 when he was killed in the line of duty in June of 2010 in Afghanistan while providing cover during a shootout, so that his unit could get to safety. Rankel encouraged the crowd to visit Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis where John is buried and the Indiana War Memorial where an exhibit tells John’s story.

   In the end the program will close down and students will go back to class as veterans get a special event played for them by the NJHS. This tradition of CGMSN honoring veterans which has been going on since 2008 where this will be 10th necessity of this occasion with the amount veterans coming increasing every year.This event is a key part in America’s and Cgmsn history which will be practiced for a very long time.

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