What makes a good student? by Chelsea Chandler

Some students stand out to teachers and that is what makes them more unique than others. These students are usually the ones who receive student of the month or get the excellent student plaque. Have you ever wondered what those characteristics are?

The first characteristic a good student must have is motivation. The student has to be motivated to learn new information. Students may find it hard to find motivation. They should find motivation that is unique to them and once that is found, they are on their way to gaining knowledge and being a great student. One tip is rewarding yourself for every piece of homework you finish.

Students must also have great communication skills. Don’t be afraid of asking the teacher a question during class because you’re afraid of looking stupid in front of the class. You can miss out on so much information because of this choice. Asking questions can in fact help everyone, not just for you, but for your classmates as well. All teachers are happy if students came to class prepared to listen and have questions.

Hard Working
A good student should be hardworking and eager to learn new things by themselves, not depending on the teacher. Mr. McRoberts said, “In order to be student of the month, they have to be the hardest working person in the classroom. There are kids that think they won’t be student of the month but they can.” You should also have a good work ethic as well.

Persistence and Discipline
Another trait is perseverance and discipline. Nothing comes easy in life and you have to work hard at it. If you really want to learn, you have to stick to it. Keep trying even if the topic is getting difficult. Remember to ask questions and do practice problems on your own time. Don’t procrastinate and set aside a certain time to do your homework.

The last trait is kindness. You have to be able to treat everyone around you well with respect. Ms. Heavin says, “ A good student can laugh and be silly but they’ll know when to stop.” You have to have a good sense of humor to keep the class fun and upbeat as well as move it along. If someone is having trouble with their homework make sure that you reach out to help them. It’ll make a difference and then maybe they’ll show kindness to others too.

In conclusion, being the best student is within everyone’s reach. Just remember to motivate yourself, speak up, work hard, and be persistent as well disciplined.