School Tips & Tricks by Wren Brown

Has your locker been bothering you? Having trouble making friends? Are you not getting your homework done on time? Well you are reading the right article!

First with lockers. Determine the stuff that is necessary and stuff you need to throw out! For me, I think having a holder for my extra pencils and pens is important. I also like an extra shelf so I can stuff my backpack on the bottom of my locker. I then put my binders on the top of the shelf. Then on the top shelf (the locker provides it). I put my Spanish Dictionary and my reading books.

Now onto making friends! If you don’t make friends easily, and you are more of a outgoing person try to do the following. Find someone that talks or seems like they enjoy what you like or just go up to someone who also seems like they do not have any friends. Introduce yourself and most likely sooner or later you will have a best friend forever!

Last but not least getting homework done on time for me what I do is put a post-it on the binder for that subject binder and write what I need to do. When I interviewed Mrs. Harmon she said “If you have a whiteboard in your locker make a checklist on it with your classes on it, then check the subject that you have homework in.” These are great tips to help getting that work in on time.

Hopefully this article is helpful for you. Now go make friends! Get your homework done on time, and make that locker stop bothering you.